Colorado Leadership Alliance

The Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA) is a leadership program for college students. The program includes leadership education programs at 13 Colorado universities that equip students with skills for civic engagement and career success and connects students to Denver leaders through the annual CLA Summit.

Leadership Foundation alumni can share their leadership and career lessons with students on the Mentors Walk at the CLA Summit on Saturday, Jan.27, 2018. Click the button on the right to find out how to volunteer.

Throughout the year, many CLA-sponsored events allow the collaboration of both students and program directors from each member campus as they share resources, efforts and ideas, as well as foster professional and personal connections. At the annual CLA Summit you’ll hear from inspirational speakers and meet fellow student leaders and local business and civic leaders.
The CLA Summit is coming up on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018. Contact your university’s leadership program director to learn more.

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Alumni Spotlight

claNeda Kikhia
2016 Student Leader of the Year, University of Denver

“My heart is lifted at the sight of young leaders at a white board mapping out our next generation. My hope is raised when I see people embrace the conflict with open arms, to make it productive. My spirit is raised when I see youth ask questions to challenge the process. That’s when my heart is lifted.”


I was able to meet a lot of great people that were very much interested in similar things to me, and I [met] some extremely influential people from within our local community.
Nikki van den Heever, University of Colorado at Boulder
I was surprised by how much I got out of the experience. It was a good opportunity to expand my network as well as discuss and share insight on many relevant topics.
Daron Williamson, United States Air Force Academy
Every year I always walk away having learned something new and with a reinvigorated passion to keep doing amazing things to help those around me.
Jared Michini-Kerr, Colorado State University at Pueblo

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